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Feudal Hearts is a Tabletop RPG (TTRPG) designed to immerse players in the medieval

     The Goals & Features of Feudal Hearts    

  • Narrative-Style Rules

    • Once you have a handle on the simple rules of the game, Feudal Hearts' rules are written in a narrative-style

    • The Player's Guide supports both players AND Disaster Masters (DMs) -- because DMs are players too!

  • Flex Playstyles

    • The game can flex into tactical battlemap gameplay, theatre of the mind, kingdom/domain management, political intrigue, and more! This is all done without overwhelming the players with rules and systems.

  • CLASH Combat

    • When two characters engage in melee, there is a CLASH--an innovate combat system which truly feels like a clash of deadly, dangerous, and dramatic combat without bogging down the flow of turns.

  • Innovative Magic System

    • No more mana or spell slots. Feudal Hearts uses a unique "circles of magic" system that can be understood in only a couple pages. 

    • Learn magic through "discovery": the study of the esoteric or through gaining levels in classes inspired by the real history of sorcery

  • Optional Shadowquests

    • Players can choose to start "Shadowquests", unique 3 step quests that helps a player earn individual experience in their class(es). Each class has 2 shadowquest options with room for more!

  • 36 Classes--not including Prestige Classes!

    • With multiclassing encouraged, players have 36 classes to choose form and additional prestige classes they can join. Classes come in five categories: Expert, Fighter, Mystic, Hybrid, and Prestige with a maximum of 5 classes a player can level up in. Each class has 10 levels and a unique "class talent".

  • Give Player Character's PERSONALITY

    • Character creation involves choosing Personality Traits

    • Players choose four "good deaths", based on their personality. If a player's character achieves a good death for their character, they gain a Heart. Heart follows players into every character they make in the game! Create a legacy, birthright, or chronicles of characters.

  • Domain Title System

    • In only a few pages, you can truly be a noble. Quickly and efficiently manage a domain which helps create further plot points through "setbacks" and "successes" for your domain. 

    • The party could lead a kingdom, be an alliance of domains, or compete agianst one another, transitioning from a "Domain Focus" gamestyle to "Adventure" or "Intrigue"

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